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Original in every way. Defined not only by performance, but also appearance. Now there's a truck built with you in mind. One that gives rise to a whole new category. The International® LoneStar®. The first and only Advanced Classic. Aerodynamics meets image in a mold-shattering design. It slices through the wind to deliver EXCELENT fuel economy that can put more money in your pocket. Behind the wheel, you feel like you own the road with superior ride and handling and an interior designed for comfort. Whether working, living or resting, you are always miles ahead.

In your business, success isn't just about working hard - it's about working smart. That means keeping one eye on the road, and the other on your bottom line. And one of the smartest working trucks on the road is also one of the smartest looking: the International® LoneStar®. First, there's its striking aerodynamic design. Everything is sculpted to slice through the wind - including the d-shaped air cleaners, v-shaped bumper, sloped hood and skirts. This attention to detail doesn’t just give the LoneStar its distinctive look - it creates a fuel economy advantage over standard long nose conventionals. Then throw in features like the ability to change headlight bulbs and air filters without tools and servicing your truck has never been easier. Put it all together and the LoneStar stands alone in efficiency and serviceability so you can stay on the road making money. And that puts you miles ahead.

  • Superior fuel economy can result in savings up to $5,000 per year.*
  • Aerodynamics and fuel economy are on par with aero tractors and exceed traditional long-nose conventionals by up to 10%
  • Serviceability enhancements maximize uptime, keeping you on the road and making money.

* per classic styled truck based on 120,000 miles/year, 6 mpg baseline and $2.50/gal fuel (February 2009)

 Click Here To View The Harley LoneStar Video

Introducing the International® LoneStar® Harley-Davidson™ Special Edition. Designed in collaboration with Harley-Davidson®, and designed with authentic Harley-Davidson motorcycle elements. So for all those who are never satisfied with the status quo, embrace life on the open road. The International® LoneStar® Harley-Davidson™, it's the ultimate ride.

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